With more than 20 years of experience in business and in accounting, La Boîte Comptable Avec plus de 20 ans d’expérience en comptabilité et en affaires, has a variety of experiences working in various industries such as manufacturing, marketing sales network, technology, construction, real estate and more.

In addition to traditional accounting and tax services, La Boîte Comptable stands out with its comprehensive approach that includes a coaching-style consulting service. We work with our clients to see what is in certain blind spots, challenge their business plans or strategies, and evaluate the impact of decisions on their personal lives.

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La Boite Comptable - Accountant in Montreal

Advice Service

La Boîte Comptable stands out for its 360° approach: in addition to offering accounting services like other firms, we act as a business partner, advising you not only on the decisions to be made in business but also on your personal financial objectives. We see further, and our coaching style allows you to actively participate in accomplishing your goals, both personal and professional.

La Boite Comptable - Accountant in Montreal

Accounting for SMEs

Whether you are an SME, a self-employed worker or any other type of company, La Boîte Comptable offers a perfectly adapted approach to the taxation in force in Montreal. Our specialized accountants have more than 20 years of experience and being business owners themselves, they know the reality of today’s business owners.


It will be our pleasure to take the time to identify with you your accounting objectives, personal and professional.

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